Friday, January 25, 2008

The 40Q's

1. What is the status of you and the
last person you texted?
:: my status?? ngee of course a wife and a mother of two
last person i texted :: my hubby, ajak tengok wayang ehehe

2. What is wrong with you right now?
:: nothings wrong with me..

3. Do you miss your first love?
:: erm nope, full stop

4. Have you lost any good friends
:: guess so, my former boss, En. MFK

5. Who do you hate?
:: someone, do i hv to tell u people??

6. What do you want in your life right
:: dream house, home sweet home

7. Are you happy?
:: yup, i'm totally happy

8. What do you smell like?
:: smells like thin spirit..kakkakaka

9. Drinking?
:: cold water

10. What's your favorite thing to have
on your bed?
:: bantal bucuk ma hubby ar

11. Do you tend to make relationships
:: no

12. How do you feel about the person
you got this survey from?
:: she's always got many q to be answer

13. Whose house did you go to last
:: my house la

14. What were you thinking when you
woke up this morning?
:: ermm text Nadia and asked her to help logged me in, gosh i'm late it's 7.30 am!!

15. Do you like anyone right now?
:: erm everyone!! each of every one whose read ma' blog.. thanx guys

16. Are you bored?
:: at this moment; no

17. What is the last movie you watched?
:: CUCI ..eheheh just watched it

18. What are you excited about?
:: my 2nd car .. insyaallah

19. Who was last to touch your butt?
:: kakaka erm my darling macho hot-tight-ass kekeke

20. When you sleep do you dream about
heroin addicts.
:: erm never!

21. What's on your mind right now?
:: going back home, almost 5 pm

22. Who was the last person to see you
:: my hubby kot

23. Name someone whose name starts with
the letter "R"?
:: ROSELEY OsMAN: my bro-in-law

24. Do you care what others think
about you?
:: of course

25. Who do you trust?

26. Do you think you'll be married in
10 years?
:: wtf, i've been married about 5 years

27. What do you look forward to in the
next 3 months?
:: brand new car ,probably

28. Who was the last person you called?
:: kakngah, my sis

29. Who was the last missed call?
:: abang

30. What's your ring tone?
:: dewi dewi ~ dokter cinta

31. Do you plan on moving out within
the next year?
:: moving to my new house maybe

32. What were you doing at 8pm last
:: having dinner @ jj cheras selatan

33. What do you want in life?
= an eternity happiness

34. What do you hear?
:: my fav song ~ bila nak saksi by SPIDER

35. What are your plans for your next
:: ermm.. got no plan yet

36. What type of music do you like?
:: all type of music except metal

37. Do you think you will be in a
relationship in the next few months?
:: what type of q is this?

38. Do you have any heroes?
:: yup , ultraman ehehehe

39. Coolest parent you know?
:: erm for sure not my parents

40. Are you proud of anyone?
:: my hubby of course

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