Tuesday, December 02, 2008

hah.. yer ker??

This is how it was seen from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Carlos Bacigalupo took this beautiful shot from his home in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

For a while, Venus seemed to disappear under the crescent moon. Mike Bristow took this picture from his back garden in Nairobi, Kenya

Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon gave a treat to astronomers all over the world. This picture was taken by Martin Cooper in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jupiter and Venus were in conjunction and looked as if they were getting closer. Photo: Felicia Sutantyo in Melbourne, Australia.

laa.. astaghfirullah hal azim
baru tau..
bulan semalam tuh
was a rare astronomical phenomen0n

laa yer ker...
kira kira nyer aku bertuah la dapat tengok malam tadi
wahh...sungguh amazing nyehhhh

p/s:: macam tak percaya laaaaa....

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