Sunday, March 29, 2009

the hottest season yet

korang perasan tak..
tak tau lah kalo aku sorang jer yang perasan kot
tapi korang perasan tak
AF& nyer muzik cam hampeh
apsal ntah..muzik dia cam ...
there's something missing
which i cant rectify...
tapi kalo korang tune in to OIAM kan..
you'll noticed that the music such alive...
thumbs up to Aubrey Suwito..
walaupun arrangement dia buat baru
tapi sedap n refreshing..
tak la cam acis...
aku dapat rasa kesamaan music direction dia cam
roslan aziz nyer style..
suck okeh..
keyboard nyer bunyi lebeh..
cam muzik kat rancangan r*m jer
so bored

and that is why i've lost my interest
to AF...
the transformation will be happen...
and had happened...hahahaha
it's time to tune in to...

p/s:: tomok... i'll say YES to you....

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