Thursday, July 17, 2008

oppss...wrong channel

altho kinda late..
finally we're managed to watch it
Hellboy 2:: The golden army

actually we wanna see
Journey to the centre of earth
but then it's already started bout 15 min

erm.. but one thing for sure
i've got to watch
dark knights
erm.. maybe it's a tribute to
heath ledger
( .. he got me stamped indeed.. in A Knight's Tale last few years)

and not to forget
The Mummy:: Tomb of the Dragon
i've watched the part 1 & 2 before which is The Mummy (199) and Mummy returns (2001)
and this is the-must-see-film of this year

p/s:: abah..nanti amik cuti kita pi tengok.. opening on 08.01.08.. wahhh what a number we hv here....

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